What I got for Christmas and Boxing Day

I hope you have all had a lovely christmas (and yes I  realise this message is very delayed) and have come into the new year in a positive way!
I decided, after scrolling through many other what I got for Christmas posts (Cat, Jess, and Sams were my faves!)  that I would write my own post and decided to also incorporate my boxing day sales purchases as well!

img_3634_fotor-xmas-haulimg_3639_fotor-xmas-haulimg_3616_fotor-xmas-haulimg_3625_fotor-xmas-haulimg_3652_fotor-xmas-haulimg_3644_fotor-xmas-haulimg_3652_fotor-xmas-haulimg_3653_fotor-xmas-haulAlong with the items from the photo, I also received money and gift cards from family. I was super happy when my parents brought me some nutella, which is a bit of an inside joke due to the amount I eat! Additionally I received a zoom mirror which has 10x zoom due to my bad eyesight when doing my makeup! Every year my nan buys me some tights and they’re always from M&S (they deffo do the best tights tho)! I also brought myself some black ankle boots and the sugar plum fairy lip scrub in the sale! I got a new pair of tweezers since I always seem to loose mine and I was kindly brought a few bits for DofE, as I am completing my Gold expedition this year.

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what you got for christmas in the comments, or have brought recently, or send a link of your post!!


Sunny Days

Just thought I’d share a few photos with you whilst reminiscing on the summer. I don’t tend to post photos of myself on my blog so this is a bit different!img_0300img_5923IMG_0496.JPGIMG_0747.JPGIMG_0020.JPG

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about nay of the photos, don’t hesitate to ask!

A Little Hello

It’s been a while. A while of not blogging. A while of not tweeting. And even longer time of not talking to my blogger friends.img_0300

It got to the point where i had a system going: post 2 times a week on exact days, schedule tweets a month in advance and check my stats and hope they were going up. And it was so disheartening to see they weren’t. But in the midst of stats and numbers (that I’m sure all of us bloggers think of) I forgot about the people and the love I had for writing and posting my content.

So I took a break.

I’m now 17 (happy birthday to me!) and I’m doing my a-levels. I’m at a new job and I’ve travelled to Paris. I’m being social and I’m generally having a lovely time. And I don’t remember the last time I looked at anything blog related.

I think every so often its good to take a break from online and it’s definitely done me a world of good. I’m back and I have so many new ideas and this time I’ll put 100% effort into every blog post.

Love you all so much and thank you for not giving up (I deffo would have by now!) and I can’t wait to speak to you all again!


What I got for my 17th!

I turned 17 years old recently and I had a lovely birthday, spent with the best people ever. I was so lucky with all the presents I received.

My main present was driving lessons, which I will hopefully start in a weeks time!img_2656


IMG_2659_Fotor birthday.jpg

I hope you like this post and if you have any questions on where stuff is from, just leave a comment and I’ll make sure to reply!


All about Essential Oils with Eden’s Semilla

I was kindly contacted by Eden’s Semilla, a brand who sells essential oils on Amazon here, to trial their new range after previously working with them before. I have to say I am thoroughly impressed by their products and love them just as much as the previous!

I don’t feel like there’s much coverage on how to use all the oils so I thought I’d just sum up some of their uses for you, although there are so many ways!!

The best oils to use are tea tree, peppermint, rosemary and jojoba oil as they all combat dryness, particularly on the scalp. They’re best mixed with a teaspoon of coconut oil and left in for 5 minutes before washing out. You shouldn’t be finding those frizzy bits anymore after using this method!


Tea tree is probably one of the most commonly known products for skincare, due to The Body Shop’s big releases with it. It can be used by itself in small quantities but is better mixed into your face wash, in order to dry out spots and hopefully get rid of them faster! Rosemary and Bergamot will work in a similar way. Lemongrass works as an insect repellent, which will be particularly handy on those hot summer days! Sandalwood works as an antiseptic, although I haven’t tried this one out before! Lavender is my most used. When you’ve burnt from the sun, mix it with some aloe vera gel and it should take the pain, redness and swelling down a lot!


All of these can be burnt along with water in the special holder or added to the bath. My favourite scents for this are cinnamon, lavender, pine tree, sweet orange, rosemary and frankincense. Lavender also works really well on your pillow to help you fall asleep.

This post was a bit different so I really hoped you liked it. If you have any other uses for these oils, please let me know as I would love to try them out.

If you’re interested in purchasing the oils you can find them in either sets or as individual bottles here and here.



3 reasons to fall in love with Greece

Okay so maybe I have a slight obsession with this place, but after reading this post hopefully you will too!

  1. The Gorgeous Sea
    IMG_2577_Fotor meganisi
    The clear sea, full of extrodianary fish, and the perfect crystal blue. What isn’t to love?! I’ve been lucky enough to see turtles in Zante because the sea was so clear!
  2. The people 
    Can you meet nicer people? Full of jokes yet a passion for handwork. They have a family attitude as long as you’re willing to have a little chat!
  3. The architecture img_0040
    Stunning; I think I just managed to sum it up in one word! The history you can see from just one building and the amount of effort that goes in to making it look elegant makes this a key point of attraction to Greece. And the way everything has been painted, gives it a special personal touch!

    Make sure you let me know what you think- have you been to Greece before or would you like to? 

4 of the prettiest places I’ve travelled to

Pretty places are my favourite places to be and places can be beautiful in so many different ways. I thought I’d share my list with you and maybe some of these places will end up on your bucket list!

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 17_Fotor travel reasons 5
I’ve travelled to 3 of the Greek Islands now- Meganisi, Rhodes and Zante- and they all hold a beauty about them. Maybe its the clear waters, maybe its the blue skies or maybe its the green settings, but I love Greece so much!

I travelled to Marrakech and it had a beauty that I hadn’t seen anywhere else! The culture seemed so vibrant everywhere I went and the blend of warm colours made it feel like home.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 17_Fotor travel reasons
No I didn’t just include it because of the beautiful ice creams! The country has the perfect mixture of history and pretty views.

The tall buildings, the cute cafes on every street and the bustle as you walk around. And obviously I have to mention the smell as you walk past the creperies and bakeries!

I hope you liked this post and comment below somewhere that should be on my bucket list. If you want to have a chat about travel, I would love that so much and you can either email me, tweet me or comment below!!