My Revision Essentials

I’m doing my GCSE’s this year, so I’m going to be revising a lot. Wherever you are in your Education, and even if you’re not in education, there will be tests and exams that you’ll need to revise for! I decided to put together my revision essentials. I don’t take all of these to school with me (especially not number 1!) but there will be a What’s in my School Bag post soon!

1. A comfy Place to Sit

I spread all my revision stuff out so I normally need a big area to work at. I love to revise on my bed, as it’s super comfy, but I always get distracted whilst I’m sat there (normally by Netflix!) I sometimes chose to sit at my desk in my bedroom or at the kitchen table.

2. Highlighters

For me, one of the best ways to revise is to colour code things. I generally use highlighters to do this and to categorise things. The set of highlighters I have is a pack of 8 by a brand called NiceDay. I love this set as you get a good selection of colours that is normally hard to find! You get: yellow, purple, red, green, blue, pink and 2 shades of orange!

Revision Essentials: pens, index cars and revision guide

3. Colourful Pens

Sometimes I want colour on my work whilst writing. I find highlighters aren’t good for this (Have you ever tried writing with a highlighter?)! I chose to use biro pens for this. The set I have is by Paper Mate and is a set of 4: blue, green, pink and purple! I also have a set of neon fineliners by Stabilo!

4. Post it Notes

Post it Notes are super helpful for me! You can buy them really cheap and they’re really useful for jotting down notes. You can stick the notes around the house or top of pages of books.

5. A pretty Notepad

A pretty Notepad is really useful for keeping all of your revision together. You can keep notes and info about your exam in there. The notepad I have is from Santoro and they have loads of pretty designs!

6. Index Cards

I find these helpful for writing down questions on one side and the answer on the other so that I can test myself! You can get them really cheap and even get a tiny binder to keep them all together.

Revision essentials: highlighters, to do list and notepad


Although a lot of people advise against listening to music whilst studying, I really find it helps me. I’m not very good at concentrating for long periods of time, but listening to music helps me be able to study for a bit longer.

8. To Do List

I generally forget to do things unless I write it down. I was forever wasting paper in my favourite notebooks until my parents got me this To Do list with tear out pages. I find it super handy and it’s by a make called Knock Knock.

9. My Revision Guides

I couldn’t study without my revision guides and school books. Although a lot of the time I use online resources to study, I still find textbooks can sometimes be easier!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Comment down below if you’d like to see some of my Revision Tips and also tell me what your revision essentials are!


5 thoughts on “My Revision Essentials

  1. I love revision essentials! I have the neon fineliners by Stabilo too as my writing is tiny so writing with highlighters just doesn’t work! Colourful pens and good music are the only way I can revise! 🙂

    Kimberley xx


      1. I know, there’s just something about them! I have the cutest revision cards too (in my revision essentials post if you fancy a look) which help just that little bit more!


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