My Lush Wishlist

My lush basket looks very bare at the moment so I thought I would make a Lush Wishlist for you to see what I’m craving. In my current basket I have: Sea Salt Spray, Ocean salt, Herbalism, Butter Bear, Candy Mountain and Whoosh Shower Jelly. I’ve had all of these products for a while now (most of them since christmas!) so I’ve been wanting to try some new things!

Lush wishlist

  1. The Experimenter I’ve seen so much about this product since it’s been released and I really want it! It looks fab in the bath as well!
  2. The Comforter Shower Gel I love the smell of the Comforter Bubble Bar so the idea of this in shower gel form seems amazing to me! I’ve never tried one of the Lush Shower Gels but I really want to!
  3. Intergalactic I find the colours of this bath bomb to be amazing! I’m in love with this product already and I haven’t even tried it yet!
  4. Honey Bee I purchased this a while ago and I fell in love with it! The smell is amazing and it looks quite nice in the bath as well (even if the sand is annoying to get out)! I would love to try this one again and I hope I’ll love it as much as last time!
  5. Mask of Magnaminty I’ve heard so many things about this product and I would love to try it to find out if they’re all right! It smells really good and I hope it gets rid of spots as well as people say it does!
  6. Refresher Shower Jelly This smells so good (doesn’t all the lush products though?!) and I think shower jelly is a really cool idea!
  7. Latte Lip Tint I’ve had Lip Tints before but only red ones! I think it would be really interesting to try one in this colour!
  8. Granny Takes A Dip I definitely need to get my hands on this one as soon as possible! Its my favourite bubble bar from Lush (probably because of the colours!) and I’ve had it so many times before. Unfortunately, it’s getting discontinued so I need to get as many as possible!!
  9. Frozen My favourite disney movie is Frozen so it would only be right to have this bath bomb on my wishlist! I think it looks amazing, even though I haven’t smelt it yet!

I hope you enjoyed this post! What products have you been loving from Lush? And what products do you want at the moment? 


12 thoughts on “My Lush Wishlist

  1. Hey!!!! I got the intergalactic bath bomb and the frozen bath bomb!!! They are amazing!!! Definitely going to buy them again!!!!


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