Autumn Essentials

Hi! Today Corinne is our guest blogger and she’s sharing with us her autumn essentials. Make sure you follow her blog and on twitter!

Hey everyone, I’m Corinne from Organic By Nerve, and today I’m Rebecca’s guest poster! Rebecca has very kindly invited me to write for you guys today, so I thought I’d share my autumn essentials with you all! So let’s get into my favourite go-to products for autumn.

Autumn Essentials2 Autumn Essentials1

Big, Lush Shampoo | I think a shampoo such as this is such an autumn essential, because as the weather changes, it can leave your hair looking and feeling really limp. But this sea salt shampoo combats lifeless hair, by invigorating your scalp, and the roots of your hair, meaning you can still have hair that’s full of life all through the autumnal months!

Deep Plum Lipsticks | I know we’ve all heard this before, but a deep red or plum lipstick really does pull an autumn makeup look together. Whether you’ve got a smoky eye, or a neutral eye, a deep lipstick also goes with everything!

Body Scrub | That’s right, if you want your summer tan to stay healthy throughout the autumn and oncoming winter months, trust me, you need to be using a body scrub. I know most people think that they are scrubbing away their tan, but it actually enriches your skin, and helps it have a natural, healthy glow. Using a body scrub also ensures your legs are moisturised and ready-to-bare when spring and summer come around!

Cute Socks | Need I say more? I really love pairing little boots with cute frilly socks, because they show just above the top of the shoe, adding another fun element to your shoes, tights and entire outfit!

Autumn Essentials2

Warm Eyeshadow Palettes | Golds, pinks and sparkles. To me, autumn is not complete without warm colours on your eyes, and gorgeous spots of sparkles. The Naked 3 palette is my favourite from Urban Decay because it has all of those things, so I would wholeheartedly recommend adding this palette to your wishlist.

Hot Drinks | Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Hot chocolate, you name it, now is undoubtedly the time for all of the cosy, delicious drinks.

Statement Scarf | Every year, you’ll either wish you had a statement scarf to complete an outfit, or you’ll spend all of the autumnal and winter months wondering how you ever lived without it. From extremely high-end pieces, to much more affordable gorgeous scarves, I think no autumn look is ever complete without a scarf.

Thigh-High Socks | Wear them with shorts, skirts, tights or no tights, I absolutely adore thigh-high socks. Especially for these early autumn months, when the mornings are very crisp and chilly, but by lunchtime the sun is blaring. They are stylish, cosy and a real essential for me.

Face Masks | You should never neglect your skin, but towards the end of the year, we all seem to forget about taking care of our skin, so I like to put aside some time each week to really give my skin a treat. I like to remove all of my makeup, use a face mask, then a face scrub and buff my face with a towel. It really helps keep my skin full of life and keep a summer-glow.

That’s it for my autumn essentials, I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Thanks again to Rebecca for inviting me to write this post!

You can find me at if you’d like to read more of my stuff!


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