I went shopping again…

So it was my birthday so I had a bit of money to spend. I, of course, had to spend it right away, unlike most people. I got a range of different items and I love all of them so much!

I decided it was time to buy a new concealer after having an old one and struggling to get product out for about a month. I had heard lots about the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation, so I decided to try out their concealer. I felt that it was too full coverage for me, so I doubt I will be buying it again. If you like lots of coverage, this would be perfect for you!

I’ve always used the Rimmel Match Perfect Powder as you can buy it in transparent and it doesn’t look like you’re wearing it. Every one I’ve had, has ended up ruined because the lids smash so easily. I decided this time it was time to try out a different powder, with better packaging. I decided on the Max Factor Creme Puff Pressed Powder. I quite like it, although not as much as the Rimmel, but the packaging is much better.

I’ve never used a primer before but as soon as I started blogging, it was all I ever heard about. I got the Maybelline Baby Skin and it’s amazing! It means my makeup actually stays on all day. I don’t think I could go without it now!

haul oct

I got a Rimmel lipstick in the colour Tantrum, which is a lovely deep red colour. I haven’t worn this out yet but I’m definitely going to! I also got the Rimmel Apocalypse in the shade Aurora. I’d heard so  much hype about it and it definitely lived up to its expectations.

I was very late to this trend as well (like always)! I picked up a beauty blender and I think it has to be a beauty essential! It works so much better to blend your makeup in but unfortunately you have to repurchase them quite frequently as they never come clean properly.

I was in London (there will be a blog post soon!) and I had to visit Lush Oxford Street! I managed to refrain from buying too much and in the end I only got 3 items: Happy Thoughts bath melt, Mmmelting Marshmallow bath melt and Guardians of the Forest bath bomb.

 haul oct


I got 2 vanilla candles from Ikea, as they’re my favourite candles ever! We also don’t have an ikea super close so I always stock up whenever I go. I also got a Aloe plant to join my collection of plants (it makes it sound like one day they will rule the world)!

I got a new chest of drawers and a bookshelf from Ikea as I’m currently redecorating my room1

Also from Ikea, I got 2 wicker baskets to go in my new bookshelf to store bits and bobs!

 haul oct


I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to buy a disney movie, so of course I was going to buy one. Somehow I managed to come out with 3… I got the Lion King box set and I can’t wait to watch them all, especially the last 2!

I also got the Maze Runner as I loved the books but I haven’t seen the film. I watched it the other day and I loved it so much (mainly because Dylan O’ Brien was in it)!
I hope you liked this post! Have you bought anything recently? Comment what down below!


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