Tis the Season…

IMG_3270_Fotor tis the seasonWinter is finally upon us! I decided to write a post about some of the items I love at Christmas time. Lots of these items, I use and have all year round, but they feel very different at christmas and winter.

 tis the season

Bath Bombs:

Winter and Autumn are the perfect seasons for baths! I’m not sure why I love them more in these months, but I do! I have more baths and I always reach for the Lush bath bombs and bubble bars. It feels like a luxury to have a bath in the cold months!

IMG_3284_Fotor tis the seasonHot Drinks:

I’m probably one of the few people who drink hot drinks all year round. In summer, I would happily have chosen a hot chocolate over a cold drink such as Lemonade. Despite the fact that I’ll have them all year round, I prefer them in winter. It’s a lovely feeling to go into a coffee shop when you’re out and have a drink that will warm you up. My favourites recently have been the chai tea and lattes. The christmas drinks have now been released at Starbucks and Costa and I love the gingerbread lattes.

IMG_3278_Fotor tis the seasonCandles:

I burn candles throughout the year, but winter is my favourite time to burn them. As soon as autumn arrives, you’ll see an increase in the amount of candles I’ll burn. I love all of the yankee candle christmas scents and my favourite is Christmas Cookie.

IMG_3271_Fotor tis the seasonFairy Lights:

It gets darker sooner in winter, so I can turn my fairy lights on when I get home. They look really pretty and add a little bit extra to any room. My lights are wicker hearts and I hang them over a photo frame. I love how some people wrap them around their beds.

IMG_3290_Fotor tis the seasonLipstick:

I don’t always like wearing lipstick, as lots of tones don’t suit me and I feel a bit too dressed up. My opinion of it changes completely in winter! Everyone’s wearing dark shades, so I feel more comfortable wearing it! I’m not quite ready to wear dark shades yet although I did wear a berry tone yesterday!

I hope you liked this post! It’s the first christmas post on my blog, so make sure you comment if you would like another one! What are your winter favourites?


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