Blogger’s Snail Mail

I love the idea of snail mail. The thought of receiving post from another blogger and learning about the bloggers behind the blog seems amazing. You gain friends and get cute post.

I decided that I would create a blogger snail mail group so that we can all meet new people. If you’re interested in this idea, you just need to enter all the information required in the form below. I’ll pair you up with another blogger who I think will have similar interests to you!

It will be your responsibility to give out your address but I will give the blogger you’re paired with your email address, twitter name and a few of your interests so that you have something to talk about.

All the letters should be sent out by the 17th January so you have a while to decide what to write! You can send them out before that date as well.

After this date, it will be your choice whether you keep writing to each other or you could even just talk on twitter or by email. Hopefully you’ll get a blogger best friend from this though!

Make sure you tag me or write #bloggersnailmail in your tweets whilst you’re creating your snail mail or after you have received it so that I can see all the lovely post! Or even do a blog post about it!
This will run until the 17th December and I will pair everyone up on that day. I will send emails out to everyone once it’s decided. If you decided to drop out, please let me know as soon as possible so I can find a new pair.

If you’re interested, click on the link below and enter all of your info. If there is a problem with it working, you can also send all the information to me via email or twitter. The information you give me won’t be shared with anyone other than the blogger you’re paired with.



7 thoughts on “Blogger’s Snail Mail

    1. Thank you! I saw some posts about similar ideas but I hadn’t actually seen Gemma’s. All the snail mail posts I’ve seen are where you give gifts where as I tried to make mine different and more affordable by just doing letters. xx


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