A Christmas Market

We took a day out to a christmas house. Unfortunately we forgot to buy tickets for the house but we still managed to go to the grounds and the market!

All of the market stalls were very nice and I managed to take some photos of my favourite ones. There were a range of stalls there from beer to to jewellery to Bakery goods!

IMG_0527_Fotor market blogIMG_0524_Fotor market blog

This had to be the prettiest stall and it sold a range of herbal moisturisers! The layout was stunning and I must have taken at least 10 photos of this stall alone!

IMG_0515_Fotor maket blog

Unfortunately there was a lack of christmas stalls as they mainly sold presents! Seeing a stall like this definitely put me in the christmas spirit!  I was really tempted to buy one even though I don’t like gingerbread!

IMG_0535_Fotor market blog

These smelt amazing and looked so fantastic. The layout of the stall wasn’t that nice but the look of the tarts made up for it!

IMG_0531_Fotor market blog

We went to this market before and picked up one of the loaves. It was so tasty! It’s definitely persuaded me to try and make homemade bread (although I’m sure it won’t look anything like these)!

IMG_0510_Fotor market blog

How cute is this?! Rustic themes look amazing to me and with the homemade look of the pies and tarts, it was perfect!

I had a lovely time out and I probably would have spent way too much money on food if I wasn’t such a fussy eater! We managed to get a few christmas presents as well!

Have you been to any christmas places yet this year? What have you done to get in the festive spirit? I hope you enjoyed this post as it was bit different!



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