2015 Favourites

I’ve loved so much this year and I’ve tried out lots of different things. I started my blog in the summer and I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved! I thought I would show you my favourites and some of them have been showed on the blog before, where as others haven’t!

IMG_0773_Fotor 2015 faves
My Makeup favourite section remains the largest. Some of my favourites snuck in at the end of the year, such as the Maybelline Gel Eyeliner and the colour tattoos.
IMG_0758_Fotor 2015 faves
I’ve been playing around with lipstick all year, trying to find shades that suit me and I’ve finally decided I love nude lipsticks. I picked up a Clinique one in an issue of glamour, that is my favourite! I also love the Maybelline colour drama pencils.
IMG_0755_Fotor 2015 faves
Benefit remains my favourite brand and I adore the Dandelion blush. I picked up a box set just after christmas that I know will be on my favourites next year!
Eyeshadow is my favourite piece of makeup at the moment! I love the Naked Basics 2 and the Makeup revolution palettes are also really good!
IMG_0455_Fotor 2015 faves

IMG_0809_Fotor 2015 faves
As always, my favourite place to buy  bath bombs is Lush. I especially loved their christmas range this year and trying out some of the bath bombs from Oxford Street.
I have 2 mini Dolce and Gabanna perfumes, that I adore! I would love to own a full size version one day!
Hand gel is something that I’ve been obsessed with this year. I found the Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers on eBay and I got Winter Wonderland. It’s my favourite hand gel that I’ve had!
I’ve loved burning candles as well and the Lily Flame and Urban Outfitter ones have become my favourites as well as the Yankee Candles.

Movie and TV:
I’ve been watching Pretty Little Liars episodes back to back this year, trying to catch up! It’s one of my favourite TV shows  and I really recommend them.
I also discovered my love for Teen Wolf and I can’t wait until I pick up the next box set.
My favourite movies have to be anything Disney. I watched the Lion King for the first time this year, watched Frozen and Tangled on repeat and rediscovered my love for the Little Mermaid.

5 Seconds of Summer have to be my favourite band and I even managed to get concert tickets for them!
I’ve also continued to love All Time Low, A day to remember and You me at six.
IMG_0723_Fotor 2015 faves
I found my love for the brand Peaches and Co when I got this pocket mirror! I love cute puns and quotes so this is perfect for me! You can also win your own in my giveaway!

I hope you liked this post and I hope you have a great 2016! xx


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    1. Thank you! It was actually an adhesive I picked up from wilkos! I’ve just followed you and dont worry the blogging community is a super supportive one! Have a look on twitter and just join in with some of the chats that go on! 🙂

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