Peaches & Co

Peaches and Co are a brand I found out about on twitter! They took part in my giveaway, where you can win 2 of their pocket mirrors and a cosmetic bag. I decided to do a Q&A type post with them, as they’ve only opened 1st January.
The shop is owed by the lovely Danielle Jeffery, who creates all of the products herself!

When does your shop open?
My shop officially opens on the 1st of January 2016 (which I am very excited about). But not everything will be ready unfortunately. In the month of January I will have Phone Cases, and Pocket Mirrors ready, then everything else will appear in the following months once I have the resources available to me to print onto other products.
IMG_0723_Fotor 2015 faves

What inspired you to create your shop?
I love to draw, and I love to see what others think of my work. I just thought, what a great way to express myself and also get great feedback in the process. A job should be something that you enjoy, not just something you do. Therefore what better way than to make your hobby your job (a ‘Jobby’ if you will). When I launch my website in the New Year I am really looking forward to the feedback from my followers to help me improve myself and my shop-running skills. Everyone has been extremely supportive so far and it’s just given me more of a drive and passion to expand my ideas and create amazing things.

How did you come up with the name and logo for your shop?
Peaches & Co was just a happy accident. I drew a heart and rounded the bottom of the shape to soften it. I wanted something cute to reflect the themes within my designs and also something that looks young and fun. And actually, that was the week I discovered that there was such things as ‘flat peaches’ (google it) and so my logo was born.


What type of products will you be selling?
I will be selling all sorts of products: Phone Cases, Pocket Mirrors, Tote Bags, Notebooks, Cosmetic Bags, Cards, Art Prints, Sticker Sheets, Tea Towels, and Gift Wrap. Each product will be printed with my own designs and concepts.
Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 21.17.39.png

How do you get the ideas for all of your products?
Good question. To answer it directly, I’m not really sure. It just happens. Sometimes I will go days and not come up with anything at all and then other times there are not enough hours in the day because I have so many ideas. To be honest, I’ve learnt to not go looking for ideas and just wait for them to come to me, which unfortunately usually happens when I’m on the edge of falling sleep and then I’ll spend the early hours of the morning writing lists and planning my ideas.

What advice would you give to people who want to start up a business?
Gosh. I’d say do not stress and do not give yourself too much work at once because you’ll crumble. If you’re anything like me, give yourself deadlines, it’s so much easier to commit to something when you have a deadline, it really gives you that kick up the backside. Also, do your research. There is nothing worse than jumping straight into something and not knowing enough about it. Especially with things such as Copyright and Tax etc.
Overall though, I’d say go for it because it could turn into something really amazing.
IMG_0646_Fotor giveaway

What item are you most excited to release?
Probably the Unicorns Phone case. Mostly because it was one of my followers on Twitter that suggested it when I posed the question: ‘what else would you like to see on phone cases’. I definitely prefer designing ideas that have been requested by other people, just because my followers’ opinions matter the most to me when creating new products.

Make sure you check out the shop, follow them on twitter and enter the giveaway to win some prizes from there, along with others!

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