My Bucket List

There’s so many things that I want to do, but I never get round to doing. And whilst everyone was sat there making their new year resolutions about trying to exercise more, I was thinking I want to build a blanket fort, eat churos and watch disney movies all day.

There’s probably a list of things you’ve always wanted to do, which are super easy, or things that you just want to do again. So why not put them on a bucket list.

I feel like everyone thinks of travelling and impossible dreams when they think of bucket lists. But it doesn’t have to be. So I’ve created a 2016 bucket list of things I will do this year. Maybe it will mean I spend less time on netflix and on the internet looking at cute cats. So heres my bucket list:

  1. Go on holiday with friends.
  2. Travel somewhere new
  3. Eat churos
  4. Go to the theatre
  5. Try to keep a 365 Instagram account
  6. Have a disney movie marathon
  7. Make a gingerbread house
  8. Play twister with paint
  9. Go to a concert
  10. Make a blanket fort
  11. Spend a day baking
  12. Make sushi
  13. Have a memory jar
  14. Pass my GCSE’s
  15. Reach 800 followers on Instagram
  16. Discover a new artist thats unknown
  17. Make a new Instagram friend
  18. Get another piercing
  19. Try yoga
  20. Have a picnic
  21. Have a water fight
  22. Watch fireworks
  23. Have a scavenger hunt
  24. Attach a note to a balloon and release it
  25. Carve a pumpkin
  26. Donate blood
  27. Design a mug
  28. Have a game night
  29. Play glow in the dark bowling
  30. Take a photo with a stranger
  31. Go on a boat trip
  32. Do a mud race
  33. Have a Harry Potter Marathon
  34. Watch HSM again
  35. Go on a colour run
  36. Have brunch with friends
  37. Watch the sunset/sunrise
  38. Go to prom
  39. Go blackberry picking
  40. Buy a drink for a homeless person
  41. Leave inspiring notes for people to find
  42. Go look at christmas lights
  43. Fly a kite
  44. Make chocolate apples
  45. Go iceskating
  46. Create a handmade christmas ornament
  47. Make cinnamon rolls
  48. Go christmas carolling
  49. Take photos at a photo booth
  50. Make open when letters to give to someone

I hope you enjoyed this post, even though its a bit different to normal! Leave things you want to do this year in the comments and dont forget to sign up via email, follow me and to like this post!



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