Makeup Collection: Mascaras

I’m not sure if this post should really be called a collection, seeing as most of these mascaras are older than I want to admit. I’m not the most creative with names though, so you’ll have to deal with it.

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I feel like mascaras are the hardest product to blog about. What one person loves, another hates. I guess mascara is a bit like Marmite in that way. I personally love dry mascaras, that lengthen. But there’s a reason why there are so many different mascaras: because everyone has a different favourite. So although I do mention favourites in this post, you may love some of the mascaras I hate! I suggest just trying as many as possible until you find your favourite!

I picked up the Volume Attraction Mascara by Kiko when they had a sale on. It was the first Kiko product I tried and I couldn’t not buy it at £3.60. This product was very disappointing for me! I didn’t get along with it at all because of how wet is. I would blink about 5 minutes after putting it on and still manage to have it all down my face. Although I didn’t like the consistency of it, I did love the brush. It really lengthened my lashes. Unfortunately, this just isn’t the right one for me and I’ve barely used it.

The next one I have is Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Mascara. It’s very good and is still a reasonable price. I preferred this one once it dried out a bit, but it was still good to use straight away as well.

The Maybelline Mega Plush Volume Express was quite good. Although it wasn’t amazing, it did manage to curl my lashes, which is what it was sold to do. I would normally use this and then apply another mascara on top or use it for my bottom lashes.

The Maybelline Great Lash was one I heard lots about before I brought it. Unfortunately it didn’t live up to the expectations I had. It was a very wet mixture and just made my lashes stick together. I tried this again recently and it was a lot better, as its dried up more.

IMG_0905_Fotor mascara.jpg

At the beginning of the year, you heard me rave about the Rimmel Wonderfull mascara. It was my favourite one and I honestly thought I was going to stick with it forever. I would recommend this one a lot and it’s also a really cheap price for a mascara that works well.

When all the christmas box sets were out, I got the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara. It’s amazing and I would definitely recommend it. I’m not the type of person to spend a lot on mascaras, but I would buy the full version of this. When I opened it and looked at the wand, I was very dubious to if I would actually like it. After trying it once, I fell in love.

IMG_0903_Fotor mascara.jpg

I also got the Benefit They’re real mascara. I love this one for days when I don’t feel like trying hard, as I don’t need to use curlers with it. I would really recommend that you get this one and I think that you would like it, no matter what mascara preferences you have.

I hope you liked this post and if you want more like this, on the different collections I have, please let me know. Don’t forget to tell which mascaras you like in the comments below! I would love it if you liked this post followed me and shared it!





10 thoughts on “Makeup Collection: Mascaras

  1. I know what you mean about dry mascaras, I usually prefer them when theyve dried up a little, some of them are awful when they are new!

    If you like They’re Real I honestly recommend the RollerLash, I didn’t like it too much at first but as soon as it dried a little its honestly amazing, gives you the length your after 🙂 xo

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