January Favourites

So I’m back again with another monthly favourites! It’s the first month of the year and I’ve got lots of new products to tell you about!



Some of you may have seen that I got a benefit box set at christmas, which included the full sized Hoola Bronzer and the They’re Real mascara. Both of them have been amazing and I’ve been reaching for both whenever I’ve done my makeup. The Hoola Bronzer was my first bronzer and I’ve loved trying it out. There’s more about the mascara on my Mascara Collection. Another mascara that I’ve been loving this month is the Too faced Better than Sex mascara. This one is also reviewed in my mascara collection.


I recently got the laRoc eyeshadow palette that I’d seen so many times on Instagram. It was £4.99 for 120 shades, so I really wasn’t sure what to expect! I was pleasantly surprised as it actually works! The shades aren’t as pigmented as they could be and the quality of each shade does vary, but I would definitely recommend it! I have 2 favourites colours from the palette that I’ve been constantly wearing.

I’ve also found my love for Bath and Body Works hand sanitisers. I’ve never been to the USA so I’ve had to settle for buying them from eBay. I’ve almost finished my first one, so please send me scent suggestions for my next one (comment below or tweet me)!

TV, Movie and Music:

Recently I’ve been trying to relax more, which has meant I’ve watched way too much TV and listened to a whole bunch of songs. I’ve been loving Netflix recently (let’s be honest, who doesn’t?)! I’ve loved Pretty Little Liars and I’m trying to catch up on it ready for the next season.

As always, I’ve also loved Disney Movies. I’m so excited, as later this month I’m going to see The Lion King in the theatre. I think this has persuaded me to watch more disney movies recently.

Later this year, I’m going to see 5 Seconds of Summer in concert, so their songs have been on repeat. My favourite is probably either Castaway or Broken Pieces. I’ve also been loving Nina Nesbitt and Taylor Swift (hands up if you’re a swifty)!


I’ve also discovered a new artist that I’ve been obsessed with. She’s a youtuber called MusicalBethan and on her channel is a range of covers and originals. Her voice is amazing and so different to other singers. You should all definitely check her out!



It’s so typical of me to include a food section, but why not?! I’ve been loving overnight oats recently after I found the recipe. I have done a post on it already, which includes a recipe!

I’ve also been loving caramel lattes, which I’ve been obsessed with since starting this blog- so that’s probably not a surprise for you!

I’ve always loved smoothies so I’ve finally discovered the next best thing: Smoothie bowls. They are pure awesomeness and if you haven’t stalked that Instagram hashtag, you now know what you’re going to be doing for the rest of the day.

I hope you liked this post, and if you did please like it, share it and follow me! Also don’t forget to send me your email address to sign up to my newsletter. What have your favourites been this month?


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