Skincare Haul

I’ve been trying to work on my skincare routine recently, or rather my lack of one. I’m the type of person who will forget about the makeup I put on my face that morning until I wake up with panda eyes the next morning. And that’s something I’m trying to change. I’ve already started making sure I have a solid cleansing routine, but there were still those days occasionally where I just didn’t feel like putting the effort into taking off my makeup. I figured it was time to buy some more face wipes.

IMG_0981_Fotor skincare haul.jpg

I got this pack of 25 face wipes from Superdrug. I feel like the simple wipes may be slightly better but 15% of the profits from this go to Marie Curie and I don’t want to rely on face wipes.

I also picked up 2 face masks from Superdrug. I really like the Superdrug range as they are suitable for vegetarians and are cruelty free. The first one I got was a peel off Cucumber Mask. It was really refreshing to use and did seem to wake my face up a bit when I used it. I like simple skincare so I’m glad you could use peel it off.

The second one I got was a Aloe Vera Mud Mask. I had a mud bath when I went to Turkey and it cleared my skin up! It was amazing for me and I’ve been searching for a cheap mask since. This one wasn’t amazing, but I did like it still.

IMG_0991_Fotor Skincare Haul.jpg

I got these masks when it was buy one get one half price, but they are £2.59 normally. This is quite a good price as you get a lot in there.

IMG_0994_Fotor skincare haul.jpg

The last thing I got was the No7 Cleansing brush. I picked this up when it was £15 although it is £25 normally. I love this brush and it has actually encouraged me with my skincare routine. It does exfoliate slightly and there are 2 different levels on it. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a cleansing brush. I think its great that you can get one at this price as some of them are quite pricey!

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to follow me, like this post and share it if you liked it! Comment below what skincare products you would recommend and if you would like to see more skincare related posts. 


6 thoughts on “Skincare Haul

  1. I love exfoliating brushes like the No7 you’ve got! I’ve been a bit rubbish and keep using face wipes recently but I do really like the Body Shop Seaweed Scrub and Garnier Micellar Water – when I can be bothered to use them haha! Great post xx

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