Body Jewellery Shop | Review

I was lucky enough to be sent some products from the Body Jewellery Shop. Although I received these products, these are my own views.

IMG_1016_Fotor jewellery post

The Body Jewellery shop has a great range of ear piercing jewellery. I only have 4 piercings which means normally I am a bit restricted when I buy earrings. This shops stocks ear cuffs though! I think this is a great idea because you get to wear fabulous earrings without the commitment of getting a piercing.

IMG_1003_Fotor jewellery post

The first thing I received from the shop was this gorgeous pair of studs. They’re black and have gems around the centre. They’re small enough that they look great for everyday wear but also add that ‘something’ to an outfit.

They’re also made from surgical steel, which is perfect for me. Recently, my ears have been reacting with cheap earrings so I’ve been really limited on the earrings I can wear. It’s nice to have another pair that I can wear.

I think my favourite thing about these earrings are the price. These ones were only £3.49, which is a really good price for a pair of good quality studs. I’m not sure how long the gems will stay in place, but I will keep you updated.

IMG_1008_Fotor jewellery post

The next thing I got was 2 ear cuffs. I love these, as it means I get the benefits of having a helix piercing without getting it pierced! I know I want to get it done one day but my school has quite strict rules about it.

IMG_1010_Fotor jewellery post

I got a dragonfly and star cuff and they were both in silver. I have another ear cuff already, which is better quality. I feel like although these look so pretty, they are a bit flimsy so you do have to be careful. For the price you get them for, you should definitely pick up one!

I’ve really liked my products from Body Jewellery Shop and I will definitely be buying from them again in the future. I really hoped you liked this post and if you did remember to follow, like and share it! Comment below what you’re favourite piece is and if you’ll be buying from them!


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