A day in London

We travelled up to London for a day out and to go to the theatre. We were lucky that the trip we had planned was on the same day as Chinese New Year, so we saw a tiny bit of the celebrations.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to see a lot, because of how busy it was! But I hope you enjoy some of the photos.



We didn’t stay very long, as the crowds were massive! There were loads of noodle bars around and it smelt and looked amazing!

We nipped into Pret a Manger for lunch. It’s one of my favourite cafes as they do an amazing range of vegetarian food. I had the vegetable tagine soup, which tasted amazing.

We went to see The Lion King in the theatre, which was our christmas present. It was so good and I definitely want to see it again one day.

I hope you liked this post and comment what shows are good to see in the theatre, as I definitely want to see more! Thank you for reading!



4 thoughts on “A day in London

  1. Ahh I love the Lion King- the costumes are super fab (I saw it in London when I was little and then again in Bristol a few years ago and I can assure you London was beyond the best). I think my fave show at the mo is Book of Mormon although it’s a bit cheeky and as I was with my Dad I spent a lot of time cringing xo

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