Montalbano Shampoo Bar | Lush Review

I’ve tried a lot of stuff from Lush and if you’re following me on Instagram you’ve probably noticed that! I tend to stay away from their hair products, apart from buying the occasional sea salt spray, because of the price of them. And that’s probably the only negative thing I can say about Lush!

I was in Lush a few weeks ago, when one of the staff came up to me and asked me what I hadn’t tried before. Of course, I said the shampoo bars! She talked me through which one would be best for me, as my hair is very frizzy, and I decided on Montalbano.

IMG_1081_Fotor lush shampoo.jpg

As soon as you pick up this bar, you’ll be able to smell the lemon in it, which to me is the perfect scent! I still wasn’t sure of the price, even after hearing about the benefits of it, as £5.95 is more than I would usually pay for shampoo. But then I was told it does 50-60 washes, and I was pretty much sold.

Nice scent? Check! Reasonable price? Check! Actually tames my frizzy hair? Check! How could I not buy it?

Despite loving the idea of it, I still wasn’t sure if I would actually love it. I’ve only recently got into soaps rather than shower gels, so I wasn’t sure if it was a bit too soon to convert to  a soap for the hair. But I love it.

IMG_1082_Fotor lush shampoo review.jpg

The scent smells amazing! It does tame my hair a tiny bit! And the scent lasts a couple of days. I hope the bar lasts as long as I was told and I’ll make sure to let you guys know when I finish it. I’m also tempted to go pick up a conditioner bar now!

I hope you guys liked this post and if you have any recommendations on which conditioner bars are good, let me know! Remember to follow me, share this, and like it! Thank you for reading! 



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