Starting a Twitter Chat

I love joining in with twitter chats and I’m sure most of you do as well. But sometimes the day they’re on just isn’t right for me, or its not the right time or sometimes it’s not the right topic. And so I decided to create my own.

I thought rather than generalising it down to one subject it would be nice to have a chat about anything blogger related. So that’s what this chat is!

Welcome to #bloggerchat 


The chat will be running on Thursday 8-9 pm every week although this may change to every other week.

The first chat, on 3rd March will be on the topic Lush. I thought this would be a great topic to start with as I know lots of people can get involved. So make sure you grab you tea, take a seat and join in!

I also have some other chat ideas such as staying organised, photography, TV, travel and friends. I want this chat to be for anyone who wants to get involved though, so if you have any ideas for a chat make sure you let me know!

If you’ve never joined in a chat before, this is the perfect opportunity! Everyone there will be new and I’ll be just as nervous as you (because there is the big chance no one will turn up)!

I hope you can make it and if you can, please let me know as it will help stop my worries a tiny bit!
Comment down below any topic ideas you have and please share this post so that everyone knows about it!


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