TV shows you need to start watching

I’m not normally a big fan of TV; it takes me forever to get through a series and I normally can’t focus long enough to sit through an episode. I’ve put together a list of TV shows I love and I can actually watch. Some of these are ones I’ve been watching for less than a week and others I’ve been watching for a few years!

Pretty Little Liars: 
I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of this TV show by now- I could even mention it to my Dad and he would know what I was talking about! It’s a very gripping TV show and I love the suspense.


Supernatural is about 2 brothers who start of trying to avenge their mother. Throughout the series the plot gets a lot deeper and more gripping! I can’t say more than that without giving it away! There’s plenty of supernatural creatures in this (as the title would suggest!) and it’s perfect for anyone who loves sci-fi!

Teen Wolf:
This one has been around for a while but I’ve only got into it recently. It’s all about a teenager, called Scott McCall, and how his life changed when he got bitten. Throughout the series you will learn about all the other characters as well and they’re just as important! I love this one so much and it’s definitely worth carrying it on past the first couple of seasons, as they are a bit cringey!

I haven’t watched all of these yet but I’m getting there. There isn’t really a plotline to this, so it may not be everyone’s cup of tea! It’s about 2 teenagers as they move to LA and about their group of friends there. As you would expect on a show like this, there is lots of drama and despite not having a proper story, does keep you entertained. It’s the type of show I like to have on in the background.

IMG_1153Vampire Diaries:
This is another that I’m sure you’ve heard plenty about! It’s about Elena and how she meets Vampires and her families history with them when 2 vampire brothers move to her town. It’s really gripping and all the characters seem very realistic (well as realistic as they can be when they’re vampires)! I think it is for a teenagers though!

Once upon a time:
This is all about the fairytales and how they are in real life, with flashbacks to how they were in previous lives. I think the main reason I love this is because it brings back memories of the fairytales to me. It can get a bit confusing at times but I do love it.


This is the newest addition to this list, as I watched the first episode about an hour before writing this. Its about a woman who was kidnapped 13 years ago and about the police investigation, as they’re not sure if she is who she claims she is. This is showing at the moment on BBC and there has only been one episode. It’s so gripping and I’m desperate to see the next one.

Comment below what TV shows you like and if there’s any I should watch. I would love to talk about TV shows with you even though I’m not up to date with most of these! 


4 thoughts on “TV shows you need to start watching

  1. Ooh, I love most of these! I’m also watching The Originals, and I’m on season 2 although I’m a little stuck so I’m back to Parks & Rec haha. For a while I was really into Dexter as well, but it’s so dark so sometimes I like watching something lighter instead. You should try watching iZombie! It’s surprisingly light, and it’s not as cheesy as I thought it would be!

    Sam |

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