My Makeup Collection: Lip products

Lip products are something I have way too many of, seeing as I rarely wear them. I’m the type of person who doesn’t want to have to be redoing makeup throughout the day, so for me it’s easier to just wear a bit of lip balm!

IMG_1289_Fotor lipstick collection 2016


IMG_1275_Fotor lipstick collection 2016
The Revlon Colourburst lip butter is one of my favourites, as it’s so easy to wear. I have it in the shade 027 Juicy Papaya. I got this when they were super popular and I’m still wearing it now.
I got the Maybelline Color Drama lip pencil in shade Nude Perfection more recently. It has become a favourite of mine although it can be quite drying. Lots of people compare it to Velvet Teddy but at a more affordable price.
The Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick in the shade 418 Peach Poppy was one I raved about when I first started my blog. Since trying other lipsticks, it’s not as amazing as I thought it was and I’ve found other colours that I prefer.
I picked up the Clinique lip colour Nude Pop in the issue of Glamour, probably like every other beauty blogger. It’s a lovely shade and I’m definitely considering buying the full size.


IMG_1258_Fotor lipstick collection 2016
I actually got the Rimmel Show off Lip lacquer in poundland. I think it’s the same as the Apocalips, as it seems to be the same formula! I really like it but it can be a bit sticky.
The Maybelline Super Stay 14hr lipstick was one of my first lipsticks. I picked it up in stay with me coral, which is a bright pink, that’s perfect for summer. I have mixed feelings on this product, so I probably wouldn’t buy another.

IMG_1266_Fotor lipstick collection 2016
I have a mini size of the Clinique chubby stick, that I received in a magazine. I have it the shade woppin’ watermelon. Although it gives off colour, it’s a bit more natural and is perfect for a day out.
I saw the Makeup Revolution lipsticks on Daisy Chains in the Rain and I decided I had to pick one up. I got Total Diva, which is a bright red. I love the formula even if the colour doesn’t quite suit me.

IMG_1263_Fotor lipstick collection 2016
I picked up 2 collection products recently. I got the Cream Puff in Cotton Candy, which is amazing. The colour lasts so long and it’s a really good price. I also got the Lasting Colour Lipstick in China Rose. Although I love the colour of it, it doesn’t stay for long.


IMG_1279_Fotor lipstick collection 2016
I have the Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick in the shade 164 Tantrum. This is a really nice formala, but a bit too red for me. I also have it in 210 Coral in Gold. I didn’t realise this one had sparkles in when I got it, and I’ve never worn it since…
I have the Color Drama lip pencil in 310 Berry Much. This is a gorgeous colour, that is very intense. I think you’d have to wear a lipliner with it as it does smudge a bit.

IMG_1281_Fotor lipstick collection 2016
The Max Factor lip tint is one of my favourites, as it does last all day long. I have it in the shade 03.


IMG_1247_Fotor lipstick collection 2016
I have a mini Benefit Hoola lipgloss that I got in a set. This is gorgeous over nude lipsticks and isn’t too sticky.
I have a collection Lock’n’Hold in Beat Box 2. I wasn’t too disappointed when I found out the quality of this product, as I got it for £1, however it does say it lasts 6hours, which it doesn’t.
I also have a mini Clinique superbalm in the shade 02 Raspberry. I love this one as it moisturises your lips so much when wearing it. It looks amazing by itself or over a lipstick.

Lip Balm:

IMG_1284_Fotor lipstick collection 2016
I always seem to lose lip balms so my collection looks way smaller than it feels. I have the Nivea Hydro care, which works quite well.
The Body Shop Born Lippy in Plum, is quite nice because it gives some colour, but it isn’t very moisturising.
My favourite is the Blistex Happy Lips in Mango, because it smells amazing and works.
I was disappointed by the Baby Lips after all the amazing things I’d heard about them and I have the shade Cherry Me.
I also have 5 of The Body Shop’s Born Lippys in the pots. I love them but I don’t get along with lip balms in pots. I have 2 raspberries, a strawberry, a mango/peach and a watermelon.

IMG_1287_Fotor lipstick collection 2016

I hope you liked this post and if you’d like to see more of my makeup collection, let me know. Make sure you comment which products you’ve tried before and if you recommend any new ones and don’t forget to subscribe to emails, follow me and like this post. 





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