Staying Motivated

Staying motivated to do something can be hard when we have no inspiration. There’s those certain jobs that we hate doing and we can put them off for so long. However it’s important to do things even we don’t like it and to do that we have to stay motivated. I have a few tips.

IMG_1295_Fotor staying motivated

1.Write a to do list

I find this one always helps me. I make a random list of everything I need to do and then I put them all in order, so I know which ones are most important. I was actually given this to do list pad, but you can just write your own ones out in a notepad if you prefer.

2. Keep a diary

I always keep a diary of everything I have planned in the long term. It means I can organise my day around the things that are already planned, such as going out. I like to see the time I have to be able to complete everything in.


3. Pinterest

I feel like this one speaks for itself. Pinterest practically has everything you could ever need for inspiration. You can type anything in and the most drool-worthy photos will appear. Whenever I lack inspiration on my blog, this is where I turn.


4. Notepads

They’ll be some days where I’m more motivated than others, so I write down all the ideas I have on this day, if I don’t have time to complete it. This means that I have a bit of inspiration for other days.


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