Lush Haul

I realised I was low on lush bath bombs and, to me, that sounded like a disaster with exams so close, so I went into lush and I picked up quite a few things! I always seem to pick up the same thing whenever I go into Lush, so apart from one item, everything I got is new to me!

Yoga Bomb

IMG_1447_Fotor lush haul

This one looks a bit boring to look at, but when you watch the clip of it on Lush it looks amazing. It’s a layered bath bomb so there are actually turquoises and purples in it as well. It smells like it will be a great bath bomb if you need to relax and it has a woody and floral smell to it.


IMG_1457_Fotor lush haul

I’ve been craving for this one for a while after seeing how lovely it looked on Instagram. It’s just one of those bath bombs that’s so photogenic. It’s inspired by a blossom tree and so it has an orange citrus scent to it- which I think is perfect for spring!

Yuzu & Cocoa

IMG_1454_Fotor lush haul

If I’m being completely honest, I’m not sure if I completely adore this scent or despise it yet! I figured I would pick it up as I’ve never tried a bubbleroon before and they’re too cute not to buy! It’s a blend of citrus scents with chocolate undertones.

Sex Bomb

IMG_1557_Fotor lush haul

This just seems like such a classic- a typical lush scent that everyone seems to have tried at some point! However I haven’t. If I had to sum up Lush in one scent, it would probably be this bath bomb. The main scent in it is jasmine and although it doesn’t seem like it does loads in the bath, it is supposed to be very relaxing!

The Experimenter

IMG_1449_Fotor lush haul

This is one of Lush’s newest releases and I didn’t pick it up initially because I’m not a big fan of the smell. However after smelling it every time I’ve gone into Lush, it seems to have grown on me. It’s a vanilla scent according to the Lush website, but that wouldn’t be the first scent that came to my mind. I think Lush outdid themselves with the look of this one and how amazing it looks in the bath. There will definitely be an abundance of photos of this one on my Instagram!

Sea Spray

IMG_1566_Fotor lush haul

Since buying this a while ago, I’ve been completely hooked on it. My hair is naturally curly and it enhances it! The bottle does last a long time and unlike some hair mists, this one doesn’t leave it feeling sticky or crunchy! I would definitely recommend it.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you would like to see a review of any of these products, as I have yet to try them, or first impressions, let me know!! Make sure you comment below a recommendation of a Lush product for me as there are still so many I have yet to try. XO


6 thoughts on “Lush Haul

  1. I love every product you’ve talked about here! But I definitely have to agree with you on The Experimenter, I have never been a fan of the scent, (definitely not vanilla to me either!) but if you managed to get past it, maybe I should try it out too! I’d love to see more hauls from you! xo

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