Ways to Enjoy Tea With Jadu Tea

Hello! Before I start, I feel the need to apologise for the lack of blog posts recently due to the immense amount of exams I have. If you ever feel like having a chat about whatever takes your fancy, I am still active on Twitter and Instagram.


I was lucky enough to work with Jadu Tea on this post and they kindly gifted me 4 different teas to try: China GreenMademoiselle Grey, Vanilla Rose Green and Apple Lemon Ginger.

Ice tea:
With summer arriving soon, why not take the opportunity to enjoy iced tea? I used the Vanilla Rose Green, which is a loose tea, and made a jug of it with boiling water. I left it to cool down and then I added some orange squash, to add to the sweetness. I added some ice and poured it into one of my mason jars. It definitely gave me that summer vibe.

Tea Bags:

IMG_1513I feel like a boiling cup of tea is one of the best drinks to have; there’s basically a different type of tea for every single emotion you feel. My favourite for this is the Mademoiselle Grey, which is a slightly different take on earl grey. It’s super simple to make and tastes fabulous!

Loose Tea: 

After discovering loose tea recently, I found it was one of my favourite ways to have tea. It does take longer to make, which means the brew is amazing! I love having loose tea when I’m revising as I basically take the special infuser with me, so that I can enjoy as many cups as I want.

I really hoped you liked this post and if you want more posts like this, let me know. If you’d like a review on the different types of tea, just comment below!




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