Revlon Colorstay Foundation | Review

So there’s been a lot of hype on this product since I started watching youtube and reading blogs. Until recently I haven’t been a big fan of wearing foundation and as soon as I started, the struggle of finding a colour to match me began. Luckily I found the right shade and formula in this one.

IMG_1623_Fotor foundation

The foundation claims to stay for 16 hours and although I haven’t tried it for that long, I can confirm that it lasts all day. This is perfect for me as I spend long days at school, where I can’t touch up my makeup.

IMG_1624_Fotor foundation

I got the one aimed at dry to normal skin and I was very impressed as it didn’t cling to me as some foundations do. It blended very easily, which is perfect since I have some dry patches.

IMG_1628_Fotor foundation

I got the lightest shade possible, which was just right for me. It is a yellow toned foundation, so if thats right for you but it doesn’t go dark enough or light enough I would recommend getting the colour drops from the Body Shop.

It’s the perfect foundation for daily use as its very lightweight and blended down with moisturiser it would be perfect for a first foundation as well.

I hope you liked this post and if you would like to see more reviews, just let me know in the comments below.
Love Rebecca


5 thoughts on “Revlon Colorstay Foundation | Review

  1. I loved this review Rebecca, I’ve been weary of wearing foundation for so long because I am reasonably tanned, but I am quite olive-toned, so I’ve been needing a yellow toned foundation, so this sounds perfect! I’d love to know what other foundations you would and wouldn’t recommend! xo

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