Pristine Mud Mask | Review

I received this mask in exchange of an honest review. I can say that I was pleasantly surprised by this product as I thought it would be hard for this product to live up to the price of £18 and it was definitely better than I expected.

One of the things I liked most about this mask is how its 100% organic vegan and cruelty free. In my opinion, that means I would happily dish out more money. When I received it, it was packaged nicely and the packaging of the mask did make the product look more luxurious however I would have preferred to have it in a glass pot. As well as looking luxurious, it felt it too and it managed to clear up my skin after a few days of using it. There was a large amount of product and a little went a long way, so I can easily see this lasting a long time.


I feel like I do need to talk about the negatives of this however, as the price does make it a bit of a bigger decision. One thing I noticed was the smell: it didn’t smell bad but it also wasn’t great. This surprised me as the masks I’ve been using before (from Lush) smelt amazing . They included a second lid to keep the product from leaking however it just ended up making more mess. This isn’t really a problem though as you can just throw it away like I did.


If you’re looking for a mask that dries fully, this one probably isn’t for you. It doesn’t dry fully and is a bit harder than some to get off, but this could be due to the amount I used.
As you can see from my review, the negatives are very minor and the positives easily outweigh it. I am definitely considering repurchasing it!

If you’re interested in buying this mask, you can buy it at I hope you liked this post and make sure you like it and comment below any other good face masks!


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