Girl Missing | Review

I was kindly sent a copy of this book, Girl Missing, to review but all of the opinions are my ownYou can find out more about the book here.

Lauren is adopted and eager to know more about her mysterious past. But when she discovers she may have been snatched from her real family as a baby, her whole life suddenly feels like a sham. 


Mckenzie aimed this book at young adults and adults, but some of the themes she talks about are more mature. However, she talks about them in a way that will be relatable and understandable for the audience age. I think this is a good thing as it means there is awareness for these issues, as they are very real.

I did think this book is aimed at a younger ya audience, as I am 16 and found it to be an easy read, however it does depend what books you like reading and you could read it as an adult!

I loved Lauren’s character towards the end of the book, as she grew and changed as the book progressed, however her character towards the beginning was very selfish. I think McKenzie may have done this on purpose and it does make you reflect on your own life and you own choices.

Despite the serious topics it covers, it is a very easy read and I would have read it even quicker if I hadn’t constantly been travelling. I would definitely recommend this book and you can buy your own copy from here.

I hoped you liked this post and comment below your opinions if you’ve read it or other books you think I may like.


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