Young and Travelling

Travelling without parents abroad is rare when you’re a similar age to me (16), but I was lucky enough to do it this summer. Travelling is something I couldn’t live without so, for me, it’s important that I do this as much as possible! There were steps I took so that I was fully prepared, and these could work for you no matter what age you are!


Make sure your bank card is set up
I think this is the most important one, as it means you constantly have access to money! For me, as I have a debit card, I had to set it up with the journey so that I could use my card abroad. It was super quick to do and I’d definitely recommend it, even if you think you’ll have enough cash! Also, if you don’t have a credit card, maybe make sure you have a way of getting money in emergencies, such as someone to transfer money.

Lots and lots of maps
If you’re going to somewhere new (or even somewhere old), you won’t always know where your going. In this case, maps are lifesavers! I had loads saved on my phone , at many different places and a variety of zoom (you can never have too many!!). If you prefer, you could also have a hard copy. Even if you know you can get data, make sure you have a few saved in case it isn’t working (we all know it cuts out when we need it most!).

Airport to Hotel
For me, this was the most stressful bit, as all you want after a long journey is to sit down and drop your bags off. You also don’t want to be stuck with high prices for transfers, if you have a lack of money prepared. I researched it before we left and there’s almost always airport transfers ready or buses!

Photocopies of EVERYTHING 
I may have went a bit overboard with this one. I have a habit of losing everything and I don’t even want to think about how much money I’ve spent over the years on lost keys, so I thought this one would come in handy! Luckily I didn’t lose anything, but if I did I would have been prepared! I photocopied the passports, boarding passes, the hotel booking and left copies of my bank card at home! My Mum also had access to all of these as well, just in case! It’s better to be prepared in the first place.

They’ll want a text!
The agreement with my parents was that we’d contact them every night. We tried a few different things out, such as lurking outside Mcdonalds, internet cafes with a much needed coffee until we eventually decided to buy the hotel wifi. Luckily, it was actually really cheap (£1.10 a day!) but you may need to be willing to spend a bit extra to contact people! We decided on FaceTime as our way of talking, as it was our favourite but you also have email, text, Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype!

Being aware
If you’re going to remember one tip, please please remember this one! Looking down, being on your phone, is going to put you in a vulnerable position and the more aware you are of your surroundings, the less chance you will put yourself in danger.

I hope you liked this post and if you did, make sure you give it a like and are following me! Comment below your favourite place you’ve been before and 1 tip for me to follow when I’m travelling! 


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