5 things I want to do in September

I’ve been on holiday for the majority of the summer which means that some of my routines are a bit (e.g. very!) messed up. I thought a goals post would be a good idea, as it may give me the motivation I need!!

Start blogging more– Something that I’ve been awful at throughout August. I’m going to try and post twice a week throughout September, on a Wednesday and Saturday!

Go running– Running is one of my favourite things to do and luckily I’ve just finished my physio treatment which means I should be able to enjoy it again! I’m not going to set myself a goal other than just to start, as I also don’t want to feel pressured

Start reading more– This is something I’ve been so good at this summer and I just hope to be able to keep it up once I’m back at school. Last year I didn’t feel like reading as I was doing it so frequently for revision. Hopefully that’ll change!

Start a bullet journal– I’ve been seeing these all around the blogging community and they are just SO CUTE! I  need to start one!

Meet up with plenty of people– I’ve been super busy this summer and I just hope I manage to continue it into the school year!

Comment below what your goals are for September and give me some advice for a-levels and sixth form if you have any!


4 thoughts on “5 things I want to do in September

  1. My summer got me disconnected from my routine (things I do to take care of myself) So I am now on a detox to kick start my last semester at uni. I also do my cardio and jogging. I don’t exhaust myself when I don’t feel it. 4-3 days a week is good. Good luck with your study x

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  2. Omg pls start a bullet journal!! You’d be so arty so all the pages would be gorgeous and I’d die of jealousy. Also YAS to more reading- all my subjects are essay based so I spend my time reading 17 page documents about Plato’s opinion on euthanasia or Mao’s economic policy and then never want to read for fun because it seems like such a chore, so over summer I’ve been reading much more and reallllly hope I can keep it up through the college year. Hope your GCSE results were what you wanted sugarplum n good luck with whichever educational establishment you’re off to next xo

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