Highlights of Northern Cyprus

I recently travelled to Northern Cyprus for 2 weeks and I thought I’d sum up some of my favourite memories in this post!

IMG_2348_Fotor art.jpg

Releasing the Turtles In Algadi
We headed down to Algadi beach in the day time and watched them open the turtle nest up. It was so fascinating to watch and I even got to hold one. We then headed down at 8:30 one night to release some into the sea. I honestly think this is my favourite memory EVER.

IMG_2510_Fotor art.jpg

St Hilarian Castle
As far as views go, you won’t find a better one in Cyprus than this. The castle is a bit of a hike to get round but is definitely worth it once you reach the top!


Visiting Famugusta
Famagusta is one of the cities on the East coast. The city is surrounded by a wall and you can wander round, stopping at certain points such as Othellos tower and the Sea Gate. The city is full of history.

We spent a whole day driving up the Karpaz region, the highest point in Northern Cyprus. You’ll see donkeys along the way, gorgeous beaches and monasteries. The Golden Sands Beach is definitely worth a visit as it’s stunning!

I hope you liked this post and would you like to visit Cyprus or have you already been?! 


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