3 reasons to fall in love with Greece

Okay so maybe I have a slight obsession with this place, but after reading this post hopefully you will too!

  1. The Gorgeous Sea
    IMG_2577_Fotor meganisi
    The clear sea, full of extrodianary fish, and the perfect crystal blue. What isn’t to love?! I’ve been lucky enough to see turtles in Zante because the sea was so clear!
  2. The people 
    Can you meet nicer people? Full of jokes yet a passion for handwork. They have a family attitude as long as you’re willing to have a little chat!
  3. The architecture img_0040
    Stunning; I think I just managed to sum it up in one word! The history you can see from just one building and the amount of effort that goes in to making it look elegant makes this a key point of attraction to Greece. And the way everything has been painted, gives it a special personal touch!

    Make sure you let me know what you think- have you been to Greece before or would you like to? 


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