What I got for Christmas and Boxing Day

I hope you have all had a lovely christmas (and yes I  realise this message is very delayed) and have come into the new year in a positive way!
I decided, after scrolling through many other what I got for Christmas posts (Cat, Jess, and Sams were my faves!)  that I would write my own post and decided to also incorporate my boxing day sales purchases as well!

img_3634_fotor-xmas-haulimg_3639_fotor-xmas-haulimg_3616_fotor-xmas-haulimg_3625_fotor-xmas-haulimg_3652_fotor-xmas-haulimg_3644_fotor-xmas-haulimg_3652_fotor-xmas-haulimg_3653_fotor-xmas-haulAlong with the items from the photo, I also received money and gift cards from family. I was super happy when my parents brought me some nutella, which is a bit of an inside joke due to the amount I eat! Additionally I received a zoom mirror which has 10x zoom due to my bad eyesight when doing my makeup! Every year my nan buys me some tights and they’re always from M&S (they deffo do the best tights tho)! I also brought myself some black ankle boots and the sugar plum fairy lip scrub in the sale! I got a new pair of tweezers since I always seem to loose mine and I was kindly brought a few bits for DofE, as I am completing my Gold expedition this year.

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what you got for christmas in the comments, or have brought recently, or send a link of your post!!



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