Did I fall out of love with beauty?

This question is harder to answer than it may appear.  Surely it should be simple: yes or no. But maybe the better question would be to what extent. Because its always had a place in my heart (and of course my daily routine), despite the lack of blog posts and chats.


I guess the moment I realised I didn’t mind anymore was the day I went to school with no makeup on. And yes, I can hear the sarcastic responses now! But for a girl who’s suffered with spots throughout secondary eduction, allowing people (e.g. everyone in your year plus random strangers) to see you without all the cover you’ve been applying is odd. And not every response to my new look was positive. I got people telling me how tired I look but on the other hand people also told me how I looked just like I always do. And they filled me with so much confidence and it pushed all the negative comments away.

I don’t wear makeup every day and my friends often see me without it. And often within the last 4 years, it’s just been the type of day where the only thing on my face is a tiny bit of concealer. But it fills you with a sense of security and confidence that makes you feel better about yourself. But I’ve found maybe I don’t need that as much now. I’m finally feeling confident about my face-no matter how it is.

So I guess I haven’t been blogging because there’s been nothing new beauty related to blog about. I’ve stuck to the same old products and I’ve barely even used them. I guess what I wanted to say in this post is: I love makeup and that’ll never change. I love the excitement of trying new bits out and the ability to completely change your face. But at the same time, I’ve realised I don’t need to completely rely on it: I can leave the house without makeup on and people won’t look at me any differently and I can feel comfortable however I look. And I’m proud of myself for realising this.

And everyone is different. Some people apply makeup because they want to apply it and they’re good at it and if thats the case then go for it!! Don’t have any regrets or let anyone tell you differently! But at the same time, remember that you’re beautiful with and without it!

Love you




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